Are these single family vacation homes?

Yes. Each home is privately owned and not time-shared. Four lodges have close to 3000** sq. ft. of generous living space. Some lodges have 2 floors with three exposures and floored attics. Other lodges have 3 floors with East and West exposures on the 1st and 2nd floors, and 3 exposures on the 3rd floor. These historic Craftsman homes are part of a small  and stable "gated" community. All are new construction built after  fire devastated the lodge at the Kezar Lake lakefront site.

Must I become a member of Severance Lodge Club?

Yes. Your home, West Horizon Lodge, is within a private resort lakefront community known as the Severance Lodge Club. The condo represents 5 families out of a total of  just 35 homeowners in the homeowners association. A full time manager lives year - round on the grounds with his family. Long time staffers provide all maintenance including plowed winter roads, mowing and lawn care, trash removal, housekeeping, repairs, and any services you would require including pick-up at the airport.

Why is it organized as a condo if I own my own single family home? What are the advantages?

The 5 condominium residences share an acre of unmatched lakefront shoreland which was the original site of an historic inn. Except for grandfathered 70 year old  homes, new construction is no longer permitted this close to the water. To retain the  grandfathered footprint on the waterfront site of Brown's Camp's main lodge, the inn was converted into 5 condominium residences after a fire. The fishing camp's huge dining room and lodge were subdivided into five single family homes under one roof after Brown's Camp became Severance Lodge Club about 60 years ago. Yes, the Lodge shares one roof, but the advantage is new exceptional quality construction on a footprint amazingly close to the waterfront. No one and no cars ever in front of your lakefront door!

West Horizon Lodge is unique on the Club's 50 acres. Each homeowner is deeded 1/5 of West Horizon land. Your luxury condominium residence is part of a small private community of 30 other residences which are individually and separately owned. The Condominium at Severance Lodge is the only elegant lakefront condo in Western Maine.

The Club and condo allow your second home to be managed without any of the hassles or cares of property ownership. The full time manager is on site year - round to maintain your home with housekeeping, landscape, and seasonal preparations.

To whom do I owe dues?

Severance Lodge Club has annual dues to support Club amenities such as tennis and basketball court, sandy beaches, dining room, landscape, security, snow plowing, septic  & water systems, library, dock maintenance and property and rental management. West Horizon Lodge has an annual assessment as needed to fund common expenses such as building insurance and exterior maintenance. West Horizon is similar to a small homeowner's association within a larger homeowner's association. Total dues average $890 per month.

Do I have my own dock?

Yes. You have private dock space in a protected cove just to the left of the condo's front manicured lawn. The docks are maintained by Club staff.

Are there restrictions? 

As in any community, there are a few rules governing use and maintenance. For example, pets and children are allowed, but hanging wet swim suits to dry in public view is not permissible.

Who lives here?

People from all over the United States and from other countries use their Maine property as year-round vacation homes. Retirees, empty nesters, and families with young children make for a varied and exciting mix. In winter, many families use their residence for ski vacations or holiday gatherings. In summer, some families visit for a week or two and choose to come and go; others stay for 4 months while children or grandchildren attend camp or enjoy the lake. The West Horizon Lodge is built for four season usage.

Why is Western Maine preferable to coastal Maine?

Say "NO" to coastal bus tourism,  summer overcrowding, and bumper to bumper traffic. Say "NO" to freezing Atlantic coastal water. Say "YES" to inland forest privacy, serene quiet, and perfect water temperatures that make swimming and fishing a pleasure. More moose and loons than SUV's and people.

Kezar is a hidden gem of a lake enjoyed by a privileged few. The lake is not seen from any major road. No need to worry about global warming, storm surge, coastal flooding or erosion of Maine coastal property. No need to paint homes annually or to constantly replace salt water destroyed metal locks and hinges.  

Even the loons leave the Maine coast in the summer to come home inland to Kezar Lake!

What is so special about these properties?

These homes are legacy residences because of their special lakefront location. Traditionally, Kezar Lake homes at Severance Lodge Club have been used as multi-generational vacation homes that seldom come to market because they are passed from one generation to the next. Strict shoreland conservation and protection laws make our unique and historic footprint this close to the lakeshore impossible to duplicate in new construction. Kezar Lake is one of New England's best lakes for exceptional water quality, fishing, and swimming. Discover this hidden lake by visiting.

Can I get a pizza delivered?

Yes. The general store is about a walkable mile away on Route 5 and has everything from pizza and live lobsters to gasoline and gourmet desserts. Major supermarkets are 20 minutes away by car.

When is the best time to visit?

Waterski? Summer. Ice skate? Winter. Swim? Summer. Downhill ski? Winter. Leaf peeping? Fall. Golf? Spring, Summer, Fall. Fish? Year round. Ever try ice fishing? Snow mobiling? Holiday reunions? Any time.                                           

What do discriminating lakefront property buyers find especially appealing about West Horizon Lodge homes?

These spectacular homes face West. The Eastern shore is best for viewing sunsets. No flooding ever at the Condominium at Severance Lodge. Proximity to shore is unparalleled separated only by a mulch path and manicured lawn. No possibility of anyone building in front of you. Unobstructed views of both lake and mountains. Carefree maintenance. New top quality construction. Enjoy the liberating lifestyle of condo ownership. 

Is there cellphone service? Wi-fi and cable TV? 

Yes. Verizon and Spectrum work well.


Yes. The Lake Kezar Country Club is 3 minutes away. 

Is there a community here?

Yes. If you wish, you may choose to participate in Lovell's historical, cultural, and conservationist activities. You may also wish to participate in Severance Lodge Club governance, sports, and social events. Or kick back and simply enjoy your children or grandkids as they learn to swim, sail, fish and waterski.

Are these new homes available now for rental?

Yes. The weekly rental ranges from $3700 plus tax to $5,000 and includes full use of the Club's facilities. Gourmet dining at the Clubhouse is available by reservation. Call 207-925.3100 to reserve.

How does the condo's privacy and construction compare to free-standing homes?

To insure safety and ultimate privacy, the walls are double insulated for fire and soundproofing and are compliant with the latest safety and environmental codes. Premier quality NEW construction with steel beams and poured concrete foundations make a better,safer,warmer (radiant heat) and quieter home than any older typical lakefront free-standing wooden structures on pilings. Three lodges are end units. Two lodges are attached. All with lake and mountain views. All very private and quiet.

Why does a famous Maine horror-mystery writer live on Kezar Lake?

Much of Stephen King's writing is based on the Lake and its rural Maine surroundings.  Discover why for over 100 years this lake has enchanted celebrities and discreet seekers of privacy. Families lured by the Lake's legendary beauty stay for generations.

The kids or grandchildren can attend summer sleep away camps in the area while you explore the magic of Kezar Lake. Or let the kids stay to play in their front yard lake. Fryeburg Academy is reknown and free for this school district. Come see these unique lodges. You will not find anything comparable.

Are hospitals nearby?

Yes, in Bridgton and in North Conway, each 20 minutes drive. Emergency Medical Service is available, as are 911 services. We may be rural, but we are not isolated. We are close to everything in life that matters.

**Disclaimer: square footage is approximate and subject to verification and  change without notice.